May 24, 2021

25: On Selfishness, Boundaries & Malcolm & Marie (feat. Naketa Ren Thigpen)

25: On Selfishness, Boundaries & Malcolm & Marie (feat. Naketa Ren Thigpen)
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How much priority should we put on ourselves as small business owners? If we are the face, the voice, and the visionary of our brands - so why is it so hard to treat ourselves right? Does having clear boundaries and enforcing them make you narcissistic?

Today, Annie P. is joined by Naketa Ren Thigpen who is recognized as the #1 Balance & Relationship Advisor in the World. Naketa has a fresh, empowering take on what it means to be selfish (she wrote the book on it!) in order to achieve what she calls WHOLE SUCCESS. Then, Annie and Naketa explore the intimate and haunting Netflix sensation, Malcolm & Marie.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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