April 5, 2021

18: On Lawyers, Risks & The Ferengi (feat. Noel Bagwell)

18: On Lawyers, Risks & The Ferengi (feat. Noel Bagwell)
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Which profession has a worse reputation - salespeople or lawyers? In this episode, Annie P. (of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy) sits down with Noel Bagwell, Esq., arguably the most ethical lawyer of all time.

Noel presents his fresh (and affordable!) approach to small business legal needs, debunks common attorney myths, and convinces Annie to read an Economics book and finally start Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So - clearly, it's not to be missed.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language

Connect with Noel throughhis websiteandLinkedIn.

Please be sure to use his
Profit from Legal Scorecard, as mentioned in this week's homework!
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