April 18, 2022

68: On High-Ticket Selling, Integrity & The Lion King (feat. Isaac Ho)

68: On High-Ticket Selling, Integrity & The Lion King (feat. Isaac Ho)
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Are you operating in integrity with your price point? Moreover, are you working in harmony with your expertise? It's so easy to fall out of sync with our own teaching and methods from time to time. But, being a shoeless cobbler is risky in more ways than one - it can rob us of our credibility, legitimacy, sanity, and even health! How can we rise to the occasion of raising our rates, while remaining true and compassionate toward ourselves?

This week, Annie P. (notorious low-ticket evangelist) changes her mind about high-ticket selling with the help of sensational salesman and exceptional human, Isaac Ho. Isaac pulls so much inspiration, strategy, and even mentorship out of Simba's journey from Pride Rock and back again and asks each of us the questions - are we scavenging for grubs when we should be dining only on the finest zebras? And, how can our own growth and success elevate the people who have always had our backs?

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.
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