April 26, 2021

21: On Confidence, Relatability & Lizzo (feat. Dre Valenzuela)

21: On Confidence, Relatability & Lizzo (feat. Dre Valenzuela)
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How much of you is too much? We hear about authenticity, transparency, and uniqueness all the dang time. But, what does it really feel like to show up as 100% you? Is resilience a prerequisite or is it earned? And, how do we get past the fear of being judged?

This week's guest, Dre Valenzuela (aka The Cussing Coach) is no stranger to showing up bravely and boldly. From her language to her no-nonsense coaching style, Dre has crafted a brand all her own and made it profitable in under a year- during a pandemic! She and Annie P. discuss their own struggles with visibility and "toning it down" and draw inspiration from the unapologetic Queen of the Flute, Lizzo.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language - no seriously. F-Bombs abound.

Connect with Dre throughher Instagram.

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