March 28, 2022

65: On Professionalism, Psychographics & Moana (feat. Jenny Ambrose)

65: On Professionalism, Psychographics & Moana (feat. Jenny Ambrose)
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How formal (and stuffy) does your business really need to be in order to be taken seriously? Are we still living in a "dress to impress" world, once we've left corporate confines? And - how can we lean into our own internal navigation in a world where everyone has an opinion (even if they've never run a business before)?

This week, Annie P. sits down with the poster-child for living out loud, Jenny Ambrose. Part scientist, part artist, all powerhouse, Jenny knows a thing or two about standing out in crowded markets, connecting with buyers on a deep, emotional level, and not sweating the small stuff even while honoring the small details that make us unique. Then, Jenny and Annie embark on a journey in Moana - and once they start talking about Te Ka and Te Fiti being two sides of the same brand, who knows how far they'll go.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains New Jersey levels of colorful language.
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*** PLUS, a TLTQ first - Jenny actually made a tote bag of her tote bag moment. Take an adoring look (and grab yours)
here! ***
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