Nov. 22, 2022

98: On Enthusiasm, SEO, and The A-Team (feat. Seth Goldstein)

98: On Enthusiasm, SEO, and The A-Team (feat. Seth Goldstein)
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We all know mindset is a critical tool for entrepreneurs - but is your mindset working harmoniously with your marketing, and vice versa? In the struggle to break through the noise and reach potential buyers, how do we ensure our audience feels individually seen, safe, and supported - even in campaigns as impersonal as our SEO?

This week, Annie P. is joined by her brother-in-exuberance, SEO expert, and super-connector Seth Goldstein. Seth is a marketing master and has his own recipe for showing up in a memorable, unique, and entirely genuine way. He brings a boatload of information about Imposter Syndrome, Buyer Personas, and the traps we fall into when we play small or get too loud. Then, what marketing, mindset, and project management tips can be gleaned from the 80s sensation, The A-Team? I pity the fool who doesn't listen and find out!

What's Inside:
0:00 - Intro & Theme
2:01 - Main Interview with Seth
46:46 - The A-Team tie-in
59:46 - Final Thought & Homework

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

Connect with Seth through hiswebsiteandLinkedIn.
Don't forget to check out his podcast,
Entrepreneur's Enigma!

This episode joins the fabulous Legitimate 80s playlist, featuring business lessons from Pee-Wee, Ferris Bueller, Coming to American and more. Find them all at

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