Jan. 25, 2021

8: On Misfits, Mentors & Dumbledore's Army (feat. Mel McSherry)

8: On Misfits, Mentors & Dumbledore's Army (feat. Mel McSherry)
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Launching a business takes gumption and a dream. Sustaining that business? Well, that requires patience, tenacity, support, and a rock-solid plan. How can we take our profitability seriously without killing what's shiny?

On this raucous episode, Annie P. is joined by the utterly hilarious Mel McSherry, a coach, author, prioritization expert, and fellow Ravenclaw.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode loads of contains colorful language

Special note:
As we mention in the episode, author JK Rowling's blatant transphobia is profoundly damaging. Unsure why? Please check out this breakdown from last month'sGlamour Magazineand this open letter, written byDaniel Radcliffe, for The Trevor Project.If you enjoyed this episode, please consider making a donation while you are there.

Connect with Mel through thefree resources on her websiteandInstagram.

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