June 13, 2022

76: On Trauma, Best Practices & Rent (feat. Rachael Kay Albers)

76: On Trauma, Best Practices & Rent (feat. Rachael Kay Albers)
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How are you navigating the weird, wild world of digital marketing? Where does your true essence end and your online persona begin? And - is an ethical reckoning coming for coaches, consultants, and other service providers?

This week, Annie P. is joined by comedian, whistleblower, and branding all-star, Rachael Kay Albers. Rachael is known for her keen observations, no-nonsense voice, and resilience AND she's been the go-to branding strategist for many of entrepreneurship's biggest, shiniest names. She brings a heaping helping of hilarious truth to this episode and reminds us to look for the best practices that are older than the Internet. Then, the two theater majors (who actually went to college together) pull lessons out of the bohemian Broadway sensation, Rent.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains loads of colorful language.

Connect with Rachael through herwebsiteandInstagram.
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Awkward Marketing videosand theMarketing Muckracking podcast.

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