Aug. 9, 2021

35: On Meaningfulness, Self-Love & The Good Place (feat. Chantelle Andercastlel)

35: On Meaningfulness, Self-Love & The Good Place (feat. Chantelle Andercastlel)
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What the heck does intentionality actually look like? How do you know if you're showing up in a way that fulfills all the labels you've put on yourself? And how can we cut through the noise and connect with our clients, colleagues, and prospects in a way that fosters truth, connection, and joy?

This week, Annie P. is rendered speechless by bold, warm, and brilliant Chantelle Andercastle. A business strategist and web designer, Chantelle shares her vast knowledge about how to decide what is truly important, how to go beyond "intention," and how you must treat your #1 business asset ...yourself. Then, they deep-dive into their shared passion for the feel-good force, dope soul, and hella ethics known as "The Good Place."

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

Connect with Chantelle throughher websiteandInstagram.

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The Aligned Action podcast!

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