April 12, 2021

19: On Leaning Out, Saying No & Bret Michaels (feat. Crista Grasso)

19: On Leaning Out, Saying No & Bret Michaels (feat. Crista Grasso)
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What keeps your fans returning, year after year? What stays in their hearts and grows with them? And - what is just noise? For most small businesses knowing what to ditch, what to delay, and what to double down on is a constant battle. What should we do when we simply cannot do it all?

In this week's episode, Annie P. is joined by Crista Grasso, serial entrepreneur with a heart of gold. Crista is an expert in whittling your business down to what truly matters - and what truly matters to her is Bret Michaels.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language

Connect with Crista throughher websiteandInstagram.

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The Lean Out Your Business Podcast
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