Feb. 21, 2023

107: On Growth, Grit & That '90s Show (feat. Sam Varner)

107: On Growth, Grit & That '90s Show (feat. Sam Varner)

Are you truly making profit a priority? There are so many metrics to track, clients to dazzle, prospects to woo, details to manage. It's shockingly easy for our livelihoods to get lost in the shuffle. But, we can't grow what we don't fully understand. How can we cut through the shiny objects vying for our attention, and focus in on the areas that will help us soar?

In this week's jam-packed episode, Sam Varner offers reframe after reframe for your goals, struggles, successes, and gifts. "Entrepreneurial struggle" AKA the horrible, soul-sucking parts of self-employment come up an awful lot in this chat, but Sam and Annie keep things humorous and practical while diving headfirst into their own hard-won lessons and vulnerable shares. Then, we're back in Red and Kitty's basement. What lessons can we learn about our best practices from That '90s Show?

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains small amounts of colorful language.

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What's Inside:
Are you making profit a priority?
If we work backward, we know the efficacy of things almost before we do them. 
I use my metrics for Dopamine. Spoiler: That's a bad choice. 
Where are you tripping in your sales world?
Grit is being "all in" your business until it works. 
The clearest entrepreneurial success stories were those who pushed through and kept going.
We need to find the balance between nurturing and ass-kicking.
What can we learn from That 90s Show about breathing new life into things that worked before? 
What our audiences want is the familiar. 
Your homework this week is to write one piece of content in a different tone or style than usual. 

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