Dec. 13, 2022

101: On Bro-Marketing, Manipulation & Andor (feat. Josh Elledge)

101: On Bro-Marketing, Manipulation & Andor (feat. Josh Elledge)
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Relationship Marketing is so much easier said than mastered. How can we forge genuine connections with a whole bunch of people at once - and maintain that earned intimacy? How can we prove ourselves amid a sea of greedy sleazeballs clogging up everyone's DMs?

It's TLTQ's 2nd birthday episode, and the incomparable Josh Elledge is here. Josh is a media master, super connector extraordinaire, highly sought-after marketing pro, and a studier of cults and mass manipulation. Arguably the only person who can match Annie P.'s natural enthusiasm, the two embark on a conversation spanning ethics, empathy, the importance of video, trust, reciprocity, and ultimately the latest (and some argue finest) new addition to the Star Wars universe, Andor.

What's Inside:
0:00 - Intro & Theme
2:12 - Main Interview with Josh
45:32 - Andor Tie-in
1:11:55 - Final Thought & Homework

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

Connect with Josh throughhis website.
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The Thoughtful Entrepreneur!
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Annie's interview (with host Jen Amos) here.