Sept. 12, 2022

89: On Likes, Leads & Somebody Feed Phil (feat. Hannah Acosta)

89: On Likes, Leads & Somebody Feed Phil (feat. Hannah Acosta)
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So - they're paying attention, now what? How do you turn dopamine-bumping likes into dollar-earning leads? What's the next step for followers who have been hanging out in your DMs and comment threads for weeks or even years?

This week, Annie P. is joined by social media maven Hannah Acosta of Ugly Mug Marketing. Harnessing ads, email, and a special offer or two, Hannah takes listeners through setting up a social media funnel that converts. This episode is packed with real-world examples and time-saving hacks. Then, Hannah introduces Annie to the delicious showcase of artistry and flavor known as Somebody Feed Phil! How can you sell as exuberantly as Phil eats?

What's Inside:
0:00 - Intro & Theme
02:23 - Main Interview with Hannah
37:20 - Somebody Feed Phil tie-in
59:16 - Final Thought & Homework

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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