June 6, 2022

75: On Relationship Marketing, Visibility & Survivor (feat. Angie Trueblood)

75: On Relationship Marketing, Visibility & Survivor (feat. Angie Trueblood)
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If you're here, you listen to podcasts (thanks!) but have you explored the highly strategic, life-affirming, and bond-galvanizing art of podcast guesting? In 2021, Annie P. was on dozens and dozens of podcasts and it dramatically changed her audience size, talking points, and overall marketing in tiny and huge ways. Now, all-star podcast connector, host, and agency owner Angie Trueblood is here to break the processes of pitching and preparation down into digestible, exciting chunks.

Then, Angie introduces the concept of "vetting for energy" - the perfect way to make sure each of your interviews amplifies the right kind of message, won't alienate your audience, or require you to poach customers away from your competitors. Then, Angie and Annie transition to talking about reality-tv sensation, Survivor, now wrapping up its 42nd season. What can we learn about partnerships and our own strengths from tribal councils, khaki shorts, and relay races? Whom, if anyone, should we vote off of the island that is our small business?

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

Connect with Angie through herwebsite,LinkedInandInstagram.
Don't forget to check out her own podcast,
Go Pitch Yourself!

Special shoutout to Jud "Fabio" Birza, winner of Survivor: Nicaragua, and his whole family, for being incredible neighbors to three generations of Annie's family.

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