Nov. 29, 2021

49: On Habits, Learning Curves & Peloton (feat. Dallas Travers)

49: On Habits, Learning Curves & Peloton (feat. Dallas Travers)
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Habits - they surely don't feel very sexy. We got into self-employment for the freedom, right? But un-shiny necessities like routines, rituals, and consistent behaviors are the keys to your success, confidence, legacy, and more. How can we learn to embrace the intentional same-old-same-old?

This week, Annie P. sits down with the sensational Dallas Travers of The Hive and The Six-Figure Coach podcast. Dallas has a remarkable way of normalizing entrepreneurial struggles are setting expectations. Spoiler: as a small business owner, a big part of your job is failing - IN PUBLIC. How can we possibly navigate this rocky road? How can all our hard work finally pay off? And what the heck does any of it have to do with at-home spinning classes?

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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