Nov. 22, 2021

48: On Clients, Connection & Mean Girls (feat. Breanna Gunn)

48: On Clients, Connection & Mean Girls (feat. Breanna Gunn)
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By trying to speak to everyone, we actually speak to no one. Kinda like high school, huh? When we tried to fit in with everybody, we wound up sitting alone. This week Annie P. is joined by copywriting and funnel genius, Breanna Gunn. Although they absolutely would have been besties in grade school, Brea and Annie swear by the power of being polarizing. How else can you expect your "just right" folks to find you?

Packed with pop culture references (from Alice in Wonderland to Carol Channing to Moana to Wicked and beyond), Brea and Annie explore how to deeply connect with the people you want to help transform - and who to leave behind -  before diving into the glorious/horrible microcosm that is Mean Girls. It's like... totally fetch.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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