Oct. 5, 2021

42: On Impact, Inclusion & Pitch Perfect (feat. Melissa Marcelissen)

42: On Impact, Inclusion & Pitch Perfect (feat. Melissa Marcelissen)

If you want to have a thriving small business (not to mention be a good human) in 2021, things like "diversity" and "equity" can't just be buzzwords. They must be chosen, advocated for, and practiced daily. But, how can we go beyond lip service and bring our values into our company culture - even if we aren't hiring and our company culture is just our own attitude?

This week, Annie P. is joined by Melissa Marcelissen, a Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, specializing in Inclusive Leadership Development. She shares about how to make our tiny empires more inclusive and benevolent while addressing our own privilege and blind spots.  Then, they unpack the magic recipe that turns individual voices into killer groups, Pitch Perfect style!

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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