July 6, 2021

31: On Customers, Compatibility & The 5 Love Languages (feat. Anika Repole Wilson)

31: On Customers, Compatibility & The 5 Love Languages (feat. Anika Repole Wilson)
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"I love my clients!" Hopefully, all small business owners have said this from time to time. But, love is a verb. What does it mean to actually show up for your ideal clients in a loving but still professional way? Are you showering them with gifts of your time, praise, or attention only for your gestures to fall flat? You may not be speaking your clients' love languages correctly!

This week, Annie P. is joined by fabulous Strategy Maverick Anika Repole Wilson. Anika has completely re-interpreted Gary Chapman's 1992 classic, The 5 Love Languages, just for client-devoted, service-obsessed small business owners. She offers gem after gem in this episode, and always brings us back to the truth that service without boundaries is unhealthy, but your care for the right kind of client could evolve into a lasting, lucrative relationship.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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