March 1, 2021

13: On Audio Branding, Archetypes & The Hero's Journey (feat. Dave Monk)

13: On Audio Branding, Archetypes & The Hero's Journey (feat. Dave Monk)
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Who do your prospects and clients need you to be? What approach, tone, or style will most attract them? And what if you remove the visual aspects from your brand - relying solely on your voice to make your mark?

This week, Annie is joined by the marvelous Dave Monk, out of Perth, Western Australia. Dave is a podcasting expert, marketing strategist, and avid reader who shares how following The Hero's Journey (and knowing the boundaries of your archetype) can dramatically change your narrative.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language

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This episode contains references to the following recommended reads:
The Hero and The Outlawby Pearson and Mark
Heroes, Monsters, and Messiahs by Elizabeth Hirschman
Man and His Symbols by Carl G. Jung
The Hero's Journeyby Joseph Campbell

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