May 10, 2023

111: On Audio Branding, Improvisation & Dungeons & Dragons (feat. Jodi Krangle)

111: On Audio Branding, Improvisation & Dungeons & Dragons (feat. Jodi Krangle)
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How can you evoke emotion (ethically) and show your passion for your work? How can you stand out in a sea of similar brands? And what the heck can be learned about partnership, flexibility, and delight from the spellcasting, dice-rolling romp known worldwide as Dungeons and Dragons?

This week, Annie P. Ruggles is joined by the incomparable Jodi Krangle. Jodi's been heard in thousands of your favorite commercials and on your favorite brand websites too. In this episode she drops gem after gem about embracing your unique sound and harnessing your fire to create impactful content. Then, Jodi and Annie nerd-out hardcore about the weird joys (and strategic perks!) of role-playing games like D&D.

This episode is a Critical Hit!

- Connect with Jodi through her website, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse
- Lowry Olafson's SongBrand will sing your brand out loud.
- Download Jodi's free guide to implementing an intentional Audio Brand here.
- Don't forget to check out her podcast, Audio Branding.

What's Inside:
[00:04:11]  Music: The Master Manipulator
[00:07:02]  Why Sound Is Essential for Brands
[00:09:53]  Podcasts: The Multitasking Medium
[00:17:54]   Passion Over Perfection
[00:23:49]  Tips for Hating Your Voice on Podcasts
[00:27:52]  Jealousy and Comedy in the World of D&D
[00:29:55]  Essential Improv Skills for Entrepreneurs
[00:31:59]   Embrace your Uniqueness Already!
[00:39:49]  This Week's Homework: Rekindle Old Loves

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