March 22, 2023

108: On Sales Avoidance, Scrappiness & The Walking Dead (feat. Sarah Walton)

108: On Sales Avoidance, Scrappiness & The Walking Dead (feat. Sarah Walton)
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Sales is the art of receiving money in exchange for your goods and services. It's an energetic exchange between two people, and it can be beautiful. Here to prove that point are two highly opinionated, emotional women discussing The Walking Dead.

This week, Annie P. is joined by a beloved sister in the ethical/heart-centered sales space, Sarah Walton. Unlike Annie, Sarah grew up loving the rush and competition of selling. (Annie made her grandma buy all her Girls Scout Cookies  paper.) But - both sales strategists stand together in the undeniable truth that if you're running a business you must sell, and sell, and keep selling - but it should never require you to compromise your integrity or self-respect.

Then, after swapping sales strategies, trips and tricks, the pair embark on a journey through Atlanta's favorite zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead, which Sarah argues is "very, very entrepreneurial."

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains small amounts of colorful language.

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What's Inside:
You need a gateway drug to you. 
Small business owners need to focus on selling something every day. 
"Launches" are concentrated bursts of high stress. Some people adore them, some suffer through them.
When did you realize that selling could be a pleasurable experience?
Women do "the invisible work" that makes the world work. 
Deep, heart-centered [self-] forgiveness work may be required.
What is the difference between ambition and scrappiness?
The Walking Dead is the ultimate gauntlet and very, very entrepreneurial.
Fast Forwarding Through The Gore of Entrepreneurship
Your homework is to brainstorm sales role models - and not the ones you think. 

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